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Clown (Original Cliché)
taste the smell of selfpraise man you are no Mr.God
money,bitches,fame and this stuff is really hot
i´ll never follow you on your filthy path,bitch
you are like a slut,but i´m pressing my own powerswitch
money is the power and the power spins the planet
but i am no spinner,maybe that´s why i don´t get it
so keep your big car and a mothertfuckin´ gold chain
swiss watch,big house with the gate containing your name
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Suck My Dick, Satan (Original Cliché)
suicide-homecide-genocide-still pride
i can´t stand when you cry
your life-true for-your fight-god damned
lost space in my mind
first strike-do you want-second strike-do you need?
i can´t stand when you score
you fight-all time-4 lies-i pray-but i´m no one
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Love/Hate (Original Cliché)
we´r not living, it´s true - the truth what is still - still love in the mind, yeah
i am the looser, i´m nothing, nothing - pay the bill - still love in the mind yeah
we´r not living, but i give reasons for love & affection - i pay the score
we´r not living, it´s truth, what is still? my soul is bad & ill

we want the money & the fame - reclaim my life - my soul, still love in the mind, yeah
my life is nothing - i´m nothing, nothing - pay the score, still love in the mind, yeah
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This Game (Original Cliché)
give it up or fuck yourself,i don´t give a fuck - show me your strenght
give the eye on you,i don´tgive a fuck - show me your strenght
you ask me who is a god,give up yourself - show me your lights
you ask me who is a god,give up yourself - show me your lights

this - game is over - game
can you feel my pain ?
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Babylon Citrus (Deja Vu)
An old friend of mine has a blue eyes
they blame on your body
Racism is real blind
everybody freaky when you go
They blame on your body
we just take control

Livin´ Babylon
Live in Babylon
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M. B. Forever (Deja Vu)

Hey, now it´s time for back aga

in, music is a friend
Head up mama, I´m a singer in the czech band
Our sound´s not habitual, can´t stop a ritual
Power, money, fame & female love, it´s habitual
Our sound´s like a sexual fire, my brotha doubtless groove, I´m a style, fight desire
I´m not back in the shit, oh no, everybody screamin´: I´m glad to see you
C´mon, c´mon! Walk down with us to the underground too, scream like wolf on a moon,
Don´t make a m/f music for cash, M. B. Forever! My music is a blast

Bon bon, it´s a ritual
...and I don´t stop, ...and I don´t quit

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Deja Vu (Deja Vu)
Try walk on a backside
where do you come from?

Power pins me down I can´t step aside
I´m rigid for a real deal with myself . is it a miracle?
Nevermore . short of breath can dig a bore hole
Feel my pain inside . ring is not a form!
Know my name . it´s E.D.E.A. my medium affair
For our crazy planet m/f sphere
It´s a cold . it´s a pain . it´s our destiny
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