Slušnej Kanál TV


Deja Vu (Deja Vu)
Try walk on a backside
where do you come from?

Power pins me down I can´t step aside
I´m rigid for a real deal with myself . is it a miracle?
Nevermore . short of breath can dig a bore hole
Feel my pain inside . ring is not a form!
Know my name . it´s E.D.E.A. my medium affair
For our crazy planet m/f sphere
It´s a cold . it´s a pain . it´s our destiny

BOOM! it´s a gunshot . deja vu
BOOM! it´s a gunshot . straight blow
Bad stream m/f scream . c´mon!

Coldpain . I feel sick
Coldpain . the feelings
Cold . pain . wrong way!

What´s this cold pain . I feel sick
How long, how strong solitary thing

Weird fuckin´ cold . weird fuckin´ mind
Uncover my soul uncover my life

Let me se stiff wonder in your face
Crack of my soul, this neurotic space
Nail . brain . some people say goodbye!

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