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M. B. Forever (Deja Vu)

Hey, now it´s time for back aga

in, music is a friend
Head up mama, I´m a singer in the czech band
Our sound´s not habitual, can´t stop a ritual
Power, money, fame & female love, it´s habitual
Our sound´s like a sexual fire, my brotha doubtless groove, I´m a style, fight desire
I´m not back in the shit, oh no, everybody screamin´: I´m glad to see you
C´mon, c´mon! Walk down with us to the underground too, scream like wolf on a moon,
Don´t make a m/f music for cash, M. B. Forever! My music is a blast

Bon bon, it´s a ritual
...and I don´t stop, ...and I don´t quit

Hi, my name is Magma bitch and I came here in peace
I´m not Hip-Hop gangsta, just please, let me release
I´m here just for squeeze all of my enemies
With this candy ritual, so don´t be like a deep freeze!
Opening your hearts & opening your minds
That´s all what I want really realise
So let´s make a deal, we all can keep it real
Who´s the m/f, now´s your chance to disappear

Have you got time? C´mon yo check this sound!
There´s a little time left, this is a last verse
How do you like it? Music is the key with Fourth Face
I´m not a zero, but Zero´s good in the music
I feel sick for m/f dirty, filthy tricks, kick da shit
Our Existence is possitive spite
Thank you for your music in my mind
Everybody, move your body, let´s get ready, for next party!


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